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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2002Characterization of polypeptides accumulated in the latex cytosol of rubber trees affected by the tapping panel dryness syndromeUnchera Sookmark; Valérie Pujade-Renaud; Hervé Chrestin; Régis Lacote; Chinda Naiyanetr; Marc Seguin; Phayao Romruensukharom; Jarunya Narangajavana; Mahidol University; CIRAD Centre de Recherche de Montpellier; IRD Centre de Montpellier; Chachoengsao Rubber Research Center
1-Dec-2010Ethylene stimulation of latex yield depends on the expression of a sucrose transporter (HbSUT1B) in rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis)Anaïs Dusotoit-Coucaud; Panida Kongsawadworakul; Laurence Maurousset; Unshira Viboonjun; Nicole Brunel; Valérie Pujade-Renaud; Hervé Chrestin; Soulaïman Sakr; Universite Blaise Pascal; Physique et physiologie Int�gratives de l'Arbre en environnement Fluctuant (PIAF); Mahidol University; Universite de Poitiers; UMR DAP; Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive; IFR 149 QUASAV
10-Mar-2005Molecular characterization of new members of the Hevea brasiliensis hevein multigene family and analysis of their promoter region in riceValérie Pujade-Renaud; Christine Sanier; Laurence Cambillau; Arokiaraj Pappusamy; Heddwyn Jones; Natsuang Ruengsri; Didier Tharreau; Hervé Chrestin; Pascal Montoro; Jarunya Narangajavana; CIRAD Centre de Recherche de Montpellier; Biotechnology and Strategic Research Unit; Mahidol University; IRD Centre de Montpellier; University of Hertfordshire