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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Accelerating the adoption of Virtual Traffic Lights through policy decisionsWantanee Viriyasitavat; Juan M. Roldan; Ozan K. Tonguz; Mahidol University; Carnegie Mellon University
1-Jan-2017Car-to-car visible light communicationsPengfei Luo; Hsin Mu Tsai; Zabih Ghassemlooy; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Hoa Le Minh; Xuan Tang; University of Northumbria; National Taiwan University; Optical Communications Research Group; Mahidol University; Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet; Fujian Institute of Research On the Structure of Matter Chinese Academy of Sciences
1-Jan-2013Cars as roadside units: A self-organizing network solutionOzan K. Tonguz; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Carnegie Mellon University
1-Jan-2015Channel models for vehicular communicationsMate Boban; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; NEC Deutschland GmbH; Mahidol University; Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet
15-Dec-2017Comparison of Radio Frequency and Visible Light Propagation Channels for Vehicular CommunicationsLin Cheng; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Mate Boban; Hsin Mu Tsai; Trinity College Hartford; Mahidol University; Huawei European Research Center; National Taiwan University
1-Jan-2014Compliance checking for requirement-oriented service workflow interoperationsWattana Viriyasitavat; Li Da Xu; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Chulalongkorn University; Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences; Mahidol University
22-Jun-2015Demo: Proximity-based information propagationSoranut Midtrapanon; Takkachai Rittirat; Sornrakitch Thanumaiweerakun; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Mahidol University
5-Sep-2017Distributed consensus-based Sybil nodes detection in VANETsChea Sowattana; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Assadarat Khurat; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2007Feasibility of in-car wireless sensor networks: A statistical evaluationHsin Mu Tsai; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Ozan K. Tonguz; Cem Saraydar; Timothy Talty; Andrew Macdonald; Carnegie Mellon University; General Motors; Mahidol University
2-Jan-2018Forensic analysis and security assessment of Android m-banking appsRajchada Chanajitt; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Kim Kwang Raymond Choo; University of South Australia; Mahidol University
1-Oct-2017A graph structure approach to improving message dissemination in vehicular networksRomeu Monteiro; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Susana Sargento; Ozan K. Tonguz; Universidade de Aveiro; Carnegie Mellon University; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2014Implementing virtual traffic lights with partial penetration: A game-theoretic approachOzan K. Tonguz; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Juan M. Roldan; Carnegie Mellon University; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2018Journal Co-Citation Analysis for Identifying Trends of Inter-Disciplinary Research: An Exploratory Case Study in a UniversityWorapan Kusakunniran; Amit Singh Dahal; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Mahidol University
8-Feb-2016Mobile crowdsourcing platform for intelligent car park systemsWantanee Viriyasitavat; Pattaraporn Sangaroonsilp; Jiranda Sumritkij; Natnaree Tarananopas; Mahidol University
12-Aug-2013Modeling vehicle-to-vehicle line of sight channels and its impact on application-layer performanceMate Boban; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Ozan Tonguz; Carnegie Mellon University; Mahidol University
2009Network Connectivity of VANETs in Urban AreasWantanee Viriyasitavat; Tonguz, Ozan K.; Fan Bai; Mahidol University. Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
1-Jan-2014A new approach for compliance checking in service workflowsWattana Viriyasitavat; Li Da Xu; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Chulalongkorn University; Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences; Old Dominion University; Mahidol University
1-Jan-2014OPLITOP: A localized broacast mediaThananan Jetiyanuwat; Thanatat Kositwutisopon; Prakrit Tanthawatkul; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Mahidol University
23-Mar-2016Performance analysis of android-based real-time message dissemination in VANETsWantanee Viriyasitavat; Soranut Midtrapanon; Takkachai Rittirat; Sornrakitch Thanumaiweerakun; Mahidol University
3-Oct-2016Poster: Comparison of radio frequency and visible light propagation channel for vehicular communicationsLin Cheng; Hsin Mu Tsai; Wantanee Viriyasitavat; Mate Boban; Trinity College Hartford; National Taiwan University; Mahidol University; Huawei European Research Center