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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011Development of push-pull osmotic tablets using Chitosan-poly(acrylic acid) interpolymer complex as an osmopolymerWichan Ketjinda; Nuttanan Sinchaipanid; Pichet Limsuwan; Hans Leuenberger; Ampol Mitrevej; Mahidol University; King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi; Institute for Innovation in Industrial Pharmacy, Basel
1999Effect of spheronization on the controlled release of Propanolol Hydrochloride from Cetyl Alcohol as a matrix materialNuttanan Sinchaipanid; Nawat Visavarungroj; Wichan Ketjinda; Ampol Mitrevej; ณัฐนันท์ สินชัยพานิช; ณวัฒน์ วิศวรุ่งโรจน์; อำพล ไมตรีเวช; วิชาญ เกตุจินดา; Mahidol University. Faculty of Pharmacy; Naresuan University. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
1-Aug-2011Fabrication of chitosanpolyacrylic acid complexes as polymeric osmogents for swellable micro/nanoporous osmotic pumpsSiracha Tuntikulwattana; Nuttanan Sinchaipanid; Wichan Ketjinda; Desmond B. Williams; Ampol Mitrevej; Mahidol University; University of South Australia
1995A preliminary study of Sago starch as a tablet binderNuttanan Sinchaipanid; Wichan Ketjinda; Sansanee Pongwai; Ampol Mitrevej; ณัฐนันท์ สินชัยพานิช; วิชาญ เกตุจินดา; ศันสนีย์ พงษ์วัย; อำพล ไมตรีเวช; Mahidol Univesity. Faculty of Pharmacy. Department of Manufacturing Pharmacy