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Title: Differential expression of sprouty genes in hepatocellular carcinoma
Authors: Yongyut Sirivatanauksorn
Vorapan Sirivatanauksorn
Chatchawan Srisawat
Amnart Khongmanee
Chalita Tongkham
Hepatopancreatobiliary and Transplant Surgery Unit
Mahidol University
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2012
Citation: Journal of Surgical Oncology. Vol.105, No.3 (2012), 273-276
Abstract: Background and Objectives Sprouty (Spry) proteins are important modulators of the RTK/Ras/MAPK pathway, overactivation of which is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Thus far, the roles of Sprouty in HCC is still unclear. Methods The expressions of SPRY1, SPRY2, SPRY3, and SPRY4, at the mRNA levels were determined by quantitative RT-PCR in paired HCC and non-tumor liver tissues from 31 patients. Results The expression levels of SPRY1, SPRY2, and SPRY4 in tumor tissues were significantly different from those in non-tumor tissues with the average log fold change values of 0.15, -0.34, and -0.37, respectively; however, that of SPRY3 was not significantly different. SPRY1 expression was also found to be significantly up-regulated in the cases without underlying cirrhosis compared with those with cirrhosis (log fold change of 0.35 and -0.02, respectively, P < 0.05), whereas SPRY2 expression was significantly lower in the cases with advanced HCC (log fold change of -0.12 and -0.52 in early and advanced stages, respectively, P < 0.05) and in those with angiolymphatic invasion (log fold change of -0.47 and -0.16 in the presence and absence thereof, P < 0.05). Conclusion This study demonstrates that Sprouty genes are differentially expressed in HCC and might provide some insight into their roles in HCC carcinogenesis. © 2011 2011 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
ISSN: 10969098
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