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Title: A single dose of vero cell-derived Japanese encephalitis (JE) vaccine (Ixiaro) effectively boosts immunity in travelers primed with mouse brain-derived JE vaccines.
Authors: Elina O. Erra
Helena Hervius Askling
Lars Rombo
Jukka Riutta
Sirkka Vene
Sutee Yoksan
Lars Lindquist
Pakkanen, Sari H.
Eili Huhtamo
Olli Vapalahti
Anu Kantele
Mahidol University. Faculty of Medicine. Haartman Institute
Mahidol University. Institute of Molecular Bioscience
Keywords: Single Dose;Vero Cell–Derived;Japanese;(JE);Vaccine;(Ixiaro);Effectively Boosts Immunity;Mouse Brain–Derived;Vaccines;Open Access article
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Citation: Clinical Infectious Diseases. Vol.55, No.6 (2012), 825-834
Abstract: BACKGROUND: A significant part of the world population lives in areas with endemic Japanese encephalitis (JE). For travelers from nonendemic countries, Vero cell-derived vaccine (JE-VC; Ixiaro) has replaced traditional mouse brain-derived vaccines (JE-MB) associated with safety concerns. The 2 vaccines are derived from different viral strains: JE-VC from the SA14-14-2 strain and JE-MB from the Nakayama strain. No data exist regarding whether JE-VC can be used to boost immunity after a primary series of JE-MB; therefore, a primary series of JE-VC has been recommended to all travelers regardless of previous vaccination history. METHODS: One hundred twenty travelers were divided into 4 groups: Volunteers with no prior JE vaccination received primary immunization with (group 1) JE-MB or (group 2) JE-VC, and those primed with JE-MB received a single booster dose of (group 3) JE-MB or (group 4) JE-VC. Immune responses were tested before and 4-8 weeks after vaccination using plaque reduction neutralization test (PRNT) against both vaccine strains. RESULTS: In vaccine-naive travelers, the vaccination response rate for test strains Nakayama and SA14-14-2 was 100% and 87% after primary vaccination with JE-MB and 87% and 94% after JE-VC, respectively. Antibody levels depended on the target virus, with higher titers against homologous than heterologous PRNT(50) target strain (P < .001). In travelers primed with JE-MB, vaccination response rates were 91% and 91%, and 98% and 95% after a booster dose of JE-MB or JE-VC, respectively. Subgroup analysis revealed that a higher proportion of primed (98%/95%) than nonprimed (39%/42%) volunteers responded to a single dose of JE-VC (P < .001). CONCLUSIONS: A single dose of JE-VC effectively boosted immunity in JE-MB-primed travelers. Current recommendations should be reevaluated. CLINICAL TRIALS REGISTRATION: NCT01386827.
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