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Title: Clinical trials prove the safety and efficacy of the probiotic strain Bifidobacterium Bb12 in follow-up formula and growing-up milks
Authors: F. Haschke
W. Wang
Guozai Ping
Wandee Varavithya
Amornrath Podhipatr
Florence Rochat
Harriet Link-Amster
Andrea Pfeifer
Erika Diallo-Ginstl
P. Steenhout
Nestle S.A.
Universitat Wien
Shanghai Medical University
Mahidol University
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 14-Sep-1998
Citation: Monatsschrift fur Kinderheilkunde. Vol.146, No.8 SUPPL. 1 (1998)
Abstract: Clinical trials to prove the safety and efficacy of follow-up formulas and growing-up milks fortified with Bifidobacterium strain Bb12 (107-108/g formula powder) are summarized in this report. The strain Bb12 was selected because of its excellent survival during intestinal transit and adhesion to enterocytes. Double-blind, randomized, controlled feeding studies with Bb12 in the U.S., China, and Thailand demonstrated normal growth of healthy children between 4 and 36 months of age and catch-up growth in malnourished children. 'Colonization' with Bb12, which indicates survival during intestinal transit, was confirmed when Bb12 was given with milk-based formulas, but was not satisfactory with soy-based formulas. Feeding the milk- based formula with Bb12 resulted in protection from rotavirus infection, fewer periods with hard bowel movements and a lower incidence of diaper rash. Therefore, using follow-up formulas and growing-up milks with Bifidobacterium strain Bb12 is safe and can prevent diseases frequently seen in both industrialized and developing countries.
ISSN: 00269298
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