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Title: Development of Metal-resin Composite Restorative Material Part 4 Flexural Strength and Flexural Modulus of Metal-resin Composite using Ag-In Alloy Particles as Filler
Authors: Kiyoshi Kakuta
Somchai Urapepon
Yukio Miyagawa
Hideo Ogura
Masahiko Yamanaka
Chatcharee Suchatlampong
Apiwat Rittapai
Nippon Dental University
Mahidol University
Keywords: Dentistry;Materials Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2002
Citation: Dental Materials Journal. Vol.21, No.2 (2002), 181-190
Abstract: The flexural strength and flexural modulus of an experimental metal-resin composite, which used Ag-In alloy particle as the filler, were evaluated. The effect of acid treatment and heat treatment on the Ag-In alloy particle was investigated. The flexural strength of the experimental metal-resin composites ranged from 65.5 MPa to 91.0 MPa. The flexural strength of the metal-resin composite increased with the temperature of the heat treatment until 350°C, but its effect varied with the concentrations of HCl of the acid treatment. A metal-resin composite, which used acid-treated and 350°C heat-treated Ag-In alloy fillers, matched the requirement of strength of ISO 4049. The average of flexural modulus of the experimental metal-resin composite was 9.1 GPa. The flexural modulus of the metal-resin composite did not vary with the treatment conditions of the metal filler. The flexural modulus of a metal-resin composite, which used Ag-In alloy particle as the filler, was lower than that of Ag-Sn alloy metal-resin composite, which was reported previously. However, the flexural strength of the Ag-In alloy metal-resin composite was similar to that of Ag-Sn alloy metal-resin composite. We can control a flexural modulus of a metal-resin composite without decreasing flexural strength by choosing filler materials.
ISSN: 02874547
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