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Title: An A-71C substitution in a green gene at the second position in the red/green visual-pigment gene array is associated with deutan color-vision deficiency
Authors: Hisao Ueyama
Yao Hua Li
Gui Lian Fu
Patcharee Lertrit
La ongsri Atchaneeyasakul
Sanae Oda
Shoko Tanabe
Yasuhiro Nishida
Shinichi Yamade
Iwao Ohkubo
Shiga University of Medical Science
Beihua University
Mahidol University
Japanese Red Cross Medical Center
Keywords: Multidisciplinary
Issue Date: 18-Mar-2003
Citation: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Vol.100, No.6 (2003), 3357-3362
Abstract: We studied 247 Japanese males with congenital deutan color-vision deficiency and found that 37 subjects (15.0%) had a normal genotype of a single red gene followed by a green gene(s). Two of them had missense mutations in the green gene(s), but the other 35 subjects had no mutations in either the exons or their flanking introns. However, 32 of the 35 subjects, including all 8 subjects with pigment-color defect, a special category of deuteranomaly, had a nucleotide substitution, A-71C, in the promoter of a green gene at the second position in the red/green visual-pigment gene array. Although the -71C substitution was also present in color-normal Japanese males at a frequency of 24.3%, it was never at the second position but always found further downstream. The substitution was found in 19.4% of Chinese males and 7.7% of Thai males but rarely in Caucasians or African Americans. These results suggest that the A-71C substitution in the green gene at the second position is closely associated with deutan color-vision deficiency. In Japanese and presumably other Asian populations further downstream genes with -71C comprise a reservoir of the visual-pigment genes that cause deutan color-vision deficiency by unequal crossing over between the intergenic regions.
ISSN: 00278424
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