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Title: HLA class II (DRB1, DQA1 and DQB1) allele and haplotype frequencies among HIV-infection discordant Thai couples
Authors: Sasitorn Bejrachandra
Dwip Kitayaporn
Jaranit Kaewkungwal
Manee Piya-Anant
Parichart Permpikul
Monchan Sirikong
Usanee Siriboonrit
Dasnayanee Chandanayingyong
Mahidol University
Keywords: Immunology and Microbiology;Medicine
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2004
Citation: Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology. Vol.22, No.2-3 (2004), 143-151
Abstract: We investigated the association of HLA-DRB1, -DQA1 and -DQB1 alleles and haplotypes in 33 Thai HIV discordant couples. A significantly lower frequencies of DRB1*14 (3.0% vs 11.3%, p = 0.048) and DQA1*0103 (0.0% vs 5.63%, p = 0.042) alleles were found in the seropositive individuals when compared with HIV-negative controls. In contrast, there was no significant difference in HLA-DQB1* allele frequencies. The haplotype analysis revealed that DRB1* 1501-DQA1*0102-DQB1*0601 (7.6% vs 0.0%, p = 0.002), DRB1*0405-DQA1*0302-DQB1*0401 (7.6% vs 1.3%, p = 0.024 and DRB1*1401-DQA1*0104-DQB1*05031 (6.1% vs 0.0%, p = 0.007) were found to be significantly higher frequencies when compared between HIV seronegative partners and HIV negative controls, but DRB1*1501-DQA1*0102-DQB1*0502 (0.0% vs 8.1%, p = 0.01) was significantly lower. The DRB1*1602-DQA1*0101-DQB1* 0502 (4.6% vs 0.0%, p = 0.024) haplotype was found to be significantly higher frequencies in HIV seropositive individuals when compared to HIV negative controls but the DRB1*1502-DQA1*0101-DQB1* 0501 (1.5% vs 8.1%, p = 0.049) haplotype was lower.
ISSN: 0125877X
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