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Title: Development of Hydronephrosis Inbred Strain Mouse, ICR/Mlac-Hydro
Authors: Kanchana Kengkoom
Zaw, Khin Maeung
Rapee Inpunkaew
Wannee Angkasirisap
Pravate Thongsiri
Sumate Ampawong
Mahidol University. National Laboratory Animal Centre. Veterinary Medical Care Office
Keywords: Hereditary hydronephrosis;Kidney disease;Development of inbred mouse strain;Autosomal recessive gene;Pathological characteristic
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances. Vol.11, No.12 (2012), 2054-2058
Abstract: Hydronephrosis was accidentally observed when autopsied the out bred ICR mice in routine health monitoring program. Previously, a low incidence of mild hydronephrosis was observed mostly in male mice and found only on the right kidney. Selective inbreeding of this mutant led us to the establishment of a colony of inbred hydronephrosis mice. After inbreeding for 20 generations, a surprisingly high incidence of hydronephrosis was encountered and we finally obtained a strain of mice with a very high incidence of severe hydronephrosis affected on both sides of kidney and in both sexes as the process of inbreeding has been increased. Phenotypes determination, genetic segregation test crosses and histological study of kidneys were also performed.
ISSN: 1680-5593
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