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Title: Expression of basement membrane components in odontogenic cysts
Authors: S. Poomsawat
J. Punyasingh
W. Weerapradist
Mahidol University
Keywords: Dentistry;Medicine
Issue Date: 1-May-2006
Citation: Oral Diseases. Vol.12, No.3 (2006), 290-296
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To compare the expression of basement membrane components (BMCs), including laminins 1 and 5, collagen type IV, and fibronectin in odontogenic keratocysts (OKCs) with dentigerous cysts (DCs) and radicular cysts (RCs). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Basement membrane components were analysed in 20 OKCs, 20 DCs and 20 RCs using an immunohistochemical technique. RESULTS: Odontogenic keratocysts, DCs and RCs showed positive reaction to all BMCs studied, with different distributions and intensity. OKCs showed continuous linear deposits for laminins 1 and 5 but two staining patterns (continuous and discontinuous) for collagen type IV and fibronectin. DCs exhibited continuous linear deposits for laminins 1 and 5 and collagen type IV but a discontinuous linear deposit for fibronectin. RCs displayed similar results to DCs for laminin 1, collagen type IV and fibronectin. Laminin 5 in RCs had two staining patterns. Constant results in all cysts were strong intensity for laminin 1 and moderate intensity for laminin 5. CONCLUSIONS: Substantial differences in the expression of BMCs among studied cysts were not observed, suggesting that the separation of the epithelial lining in OKCs is not associated with the existence of these proteins. © 2006 Blackwell Munksgaard All rights reserved.
ISSN: 16010825
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