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Title: Molecular and immunological characterization of encoding gene and 14-3-3 protein 1 in Fasciola gigantica
Authors: K. Chaithirayanon
R. Grams
S. Vichasri-Grams
A. Hofmann
G. Korge
V. Viyanant
E. S. Upatham
P. Sobhon
Mahidol University
Thammasat University
Freie Universitat Berlin
Keywords: Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2006
Citation: Parasitology. Vol.133, No.6 (2006), 763-775
Abstract: A cDNA encoding Fg14-3-3 protein 1 was cloned by immunoscreening of an adult-stage Fasciola gigantica cDNA library using a rabbit antiserum against tegumental antigens of the parasite. The protein has a deduced amino acid sequence of 252 residues and a calculated molecular weight of 28.7 kDa. It shows sequence identity values between 57.6 and 58.1% to the human 14-3-3 beta, zeta, theta, and eta proteins and is in a phylogenetic cluster with the 14-3-3 protein 1 of Schistosoma spp. Nucleic acid analyses indicate that the Fg14-3-3 protein 1 is encoded by a single copy gene and that this gene is expressed as a transcript of 1250 nucleotides. In adult and 4-week-old parasites the gene's transcriptional and translational products were localized in the gut epithelium, parenchyma, tegument cells, and in the reproductive organs. An antiserum against recombinant Fg14-3-3 protein 1 detected a slightly smaller 14-3-3 protein in the parasite's excretion/secretion material and showed cross-reactivity with 14-3-3 proteins in extracts of other trematodes and mouse. Antibodies against Fg14-3-3 protein were detected in the sera of rabbits as early as 2 weeks after infection with metacercariae of F. gigantica and the antibody titre increased continuously over a 10-week observation period. © 2006 Cambridge University Press.
ISSN: 14698161
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