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Title: Repellent activity of essential oils against cockroaches (Dictyoptera: Blattidae, Blattellidae, and Blaberidae) in Thailand
Authors: Usavadee Thavara
Apiwat Tawatsin
Payu Bhakdeenuan
Prapal Wongsnkongman
Thidarat Boonruad
Jaree Bansiddhi
Pranee Chavalittumrong
Narumon Komalamisra
Padet Siriyasatien
Mir S. Mulla
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda
Ministry of Public Health
Mahidol University
Chulalongkorn University
University of California, Riverside
Thailand Ministry of Public Health
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2007
Citation: Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health. Vol.38, No.4 (2007), 663-673
Abstract: Seven commercial essential oils extracted from the plant species Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf., Citrus hystrix DC, Curcuma longa L, Litsea cubeba (Lour.) Pers., Piper nigrum L., Psidium guajava L. and Zingiber officinale Roscoe, and naphthalene as a control, were evaluated for repellent activity against the three cockroach species Periplaneta americana (L.), Blattella germanica (L.) and Neostylopyga rhombifolia (Stoll) under laboratory conditions. The essential oil derived from Citrus hystrix showed the best repellency over other candidate essential oils and naphthalene. The essential oil of Citrus hystrix exhibited complete repellency (100%) against P. americana and B. germanica, and also showed the highest repellency (among the essential oils tested) of about 87.5% against N. rhombifolia under laboratory conditions. In the field, Citrus hystrix essential oil formulated as a 20% active ingredient in ethanol and some additives provided satisfactory repellency of up to 86% reduction in cockroaches, mostly P. americana and N. rhombifolia with a residual effect lasting a week after treatment. Citrus hystrix essential oil has good potential for being used as a cockroach repellent. Further improvements in efficacy and residual activity may be realized with appropriate formulations.
ISSN: 01251562
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