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Title: A molecular perspective on the genera Paragonimus Braun, Euparagonimus Chen and Pagumogonimus Chen
Authors: D. Blair
B. Wu
Z. S. Chang
X. Gong
T. Agatsuma
Y. N. Zhang
S. H. Chen
J. X. Lin
M. G. Chen
J. Waikagul
A. G. Guevara
Z. Feng
G. M. Davis
James Cook University, Australia
Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Kochi Medical School
Fujian Institute of Parasitic Diseases
Mahidol University
Hospital Vozandes
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences;Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 1-Dec-1999
Citation: Journal of Helminthology. Vol.73, No.4 (1999), 295-299
Abstract: The status of the genera Euparagonimus Chen, 1963 and Pagumogonimus Chen, 1963 relative to Paragonimus Braun, 1899 was investigated using DNA sequences from the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (CO1) gene (partial) and the nuclear ribosomal DNA second internal transcribed spacer (ITS2). In the phylogenetic trees constructed, the genus Pagumogonimus is clearly not monophyletic and therefore not a natural taxon. Indeed, the type species of Pagumogonimus, P. skrjabini from China, is very closely related to Paragonimus miyazakii from Japan. The status of Euparagonimus is less obvious. Euparagonimus cenocopiosus lies distant from other lungflukes included in the analysis. It can be placed as sister to Paragonimus in some analyses and falls within the genus in others. A recently published morphological study placed E. cenocopiosus within the genus Paragonimus and probably this is where it should remain.
ISSN: 0022149X
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