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Title: Development of Metal-Resin Composite Restorative Material Part 1 Experimental Composite using Silver-Tin Alloy as Filler and 4-META as Coupling Agent
Authors: Kiyoshi Kakuta
Somchai Urapepon
Yukio Miyagawa
Hideo Ogura
Chatcharee Suchatlampong
Apiwat Rittapai
Nippon Dental University
Mahidol University
Keywords: Dentistry;Materials Science
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1999
Citation: Dental Materials Journal. Vol.18, No.1 (1999), 1-10
Abstract: Metal-resin composites, using metal particles instead of inorganic particles as the filler and 4- META as the coupling agent, were experimentally prepared under 20 different conditions (five different concentrations of 4-META, and four different contents of metal particles). The flexural strength of the prepared metal-resin composites was in the range of about 14.5-61.3 MPa. The flexural strength was significantly influenced by the 4-META concentration, the metal particle content and their interaction. The highest strength was estimated at 2-3 mass% of 4-META concentration and 92.0-93.5 mass% metal filler content. The flexural modulus of the metal resin composite ranged approximately from 7.8 GPa to 15.5 GPa. The flexural modulus of the metal resin composite significantly increased with the metal particle content. The effect of the 4- META concentration on the flexural modulus was not significant.
ISSN: 02874547
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