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Title: Genetic similarity of HIV type 1 subtype E in a recent outbreak among injecting drug users in northern Vietnam to strains in Guangxi Province of southern China
Authors: Kayoko Kato
Teiichiro Shiino
Shigeru Kusagawa
Hironori Sato
Kyoko Nohtomi
Kayo Shibamura
Nguyen Tran Hien
Pham Kim Chi
Truong Xuan Lien
Mai Hoang Anh
Hoang Thuy Long
Gaysorn Bunyaraksyotin
Yoshiko Fukushima
Mitsuo Honda
Chantapong Wasi
Shudo Yamazaki
Yoshiyuki Nagai
Yutaka Takebe
National Institute of Infectious Diseases
National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology Hanoi
Pasteur Institute in Ho Chi Minh City
Preventive Medicine Center
Regional Medical Science Center
Mahidol University
Keywords: Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 1-Sep-1999
Citation: AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses. Vol.15, No.13 (1999), 1157-1168
Abstract: To investigate the molecular epidemiology of a recent HIV-1 outbreak in northern Vietnam and its relation to the epidemic in surrounding areas, we analyzed 17 HIV-positive blood specimens from 3 heterosexuals, 2 sexually transmitted disease patients, and 12 injecting drug users (IDUs), collected in 4 provinces near Hanoi in 1998. These were compared with the specimens from Ho Chi Minh City (n = 10) and An Giang Province (n = 10) in southern Vietnam and with published sequences from neighboring countries. Genetic subtyping based on the env C2/V3 sequences revealed that HIV-1 subtype E predominated throughout Vietnam in all risk populations; the exception was one typical United States-European-type HIV-1 subtype B detected in a patient in He Chi Minh City, the first case of HIV infection identified in Vietnam in 1990. The HIV-1 subtype E sequences identified in 9 of the 12 IDUs from northern provinces were closely related phylogenetically to those in IDUs in nearby Guangxi Province of China, and also shared a common amine acid signature downstream of the env V3 loop region. The low interperson nucleotide diversity among IDUs in northern Vietnam supports the view that HIV-1 subtype E was introduced recently among IDUs in northern Vietnam. These data indicate a linkage between HIV-1 circulating among IDUs in northern Vietnam and southern China, and suggest recent transborder introductions as the likely source of HIV-1 subtype E in northern Vietnam.
ISSN: 08892229
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