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Title: Protective immunity to Schistosoma japonicum infection depends on the balance of T helper cytokine responses in mice vaccinated with γ-irradiated cercariae
Authors: Y. Osada
Tuenta Janecharut
H. Hata
Yuvadee Mahakunkij-Charoen
X. W. Chen
T. Nara
K. Kita
S. Kojima
Institute of Medical Science The University of Tokyo
Chiba University
Mahidol University
Keywords: Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2001
Citation: Parasite Immunology. Vol.23, No.5 (2001), 251-258
Abstract: Although the strain difference in protection of mice to Schistosoma mansoni infection has been described, limited information is available in the case of Schistosoma japonicum. In the present study, we compared the protective immunity to S. japonicum infection and cytokine production in various strains of mice vaccinated with γ-irradiated cercariae. A significant reduction in worm recovery was observed in male and female mice of DBA/2 at a 6-week interval between vaccination and a challenge infection, whereas vaccinated mice of C57BL/6, C57BL/10, (C57BL/6 × DBA/2) F1 (B6D2F1) and (C57BL/10 × DBA/2) F1 (BIOD2F1) showed no detectable level of protection. No sex-linked difference in development of resistance was observed in any of the strains so far examined. Vaccination with γ-irradiated cercariae twice with a 3-week interval also induced significant protection against a challenge infection in DBA/2 but not in BALB/c or C57BL/6 strains. Further studies demonstrated that spleen cells of vaccinated C57BL/6 mice produced lower levels of lFN-γ compared to the cells of vaccinated BALB/c and DBA/2. On the other hand, production of IL-10 by spleen cells was relatively higher in BALB/c mice than in the other two strains. Macrophages that had been stimulated with spleen cell culture supernatants derived from vaccinated DBA/2 damaged schistosomula more effectively than cells stimulated with supernatants derived from the other strains. These results suggest that different levels of protection observed among strains of mice depend on the balance of cytokine responses which consequently activate or suppress macrophage-mediated damage to schistosomula.
ISSN: 01419838
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