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Title: Genetic variation amongst viviparid snails in the genus Mekongia (Prosobranchia: Viviparidae) in Thailand
Authors: Pongpun Prasankok
Wachira Srikoom
Somsak Panha
Srinakharinwirot University
Mahidol University
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences;Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2009
Citation: Biochemical Systematics and Ecology. Vol.37, No.4 (2009), 452-458
Abstract: Allozyme variation in viviparid snails from the genus Mekongia in Thailand were examined across the different species, subspecies and geographical locations (river drainage systems). Using horizontal starch gel electrophoresis, 11 presumed allozyme loci (eight polymorphic) from eight enzyme systems were screened. Heterozygosity was moderately low (Hexp = 0.000-0.109, mean = 0.037). One population of Mekongia pongensis (Nong Khai) was monomorphic at all 11 examined loci in contrast to the other two populations, suggesting bottleneck within this population. Populations were more differentiated in the Mekongia sphaericula complex (FST= 0.587) than in either the Mekongia swainsoni complex (FST= 0.161) or M. pongensis species (FST= 0.073). Mekongia sphaericula sphaericula and Mekongia sphaericula extensa exhibited fixed allele differences at two loci, a high genetic distance (D = 0.265-0.300) and a potential polyphyletic relationship, suggesting two distinct lineages (species). © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 03051978
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