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Title: Differential diagnosis of Taenia asiatica using multiplex PCR
Authors: Hyeong Kyu Jeon
Jong Yil Chai
Yoon Kong
Jitra Waikagul
Bounnaloth Insisiengmay
Han Jong Rim
Keeseon S. Eom
Chungbuk National University, College of Medicine
Seoul National University College of Medicine
SungKyunKwan University, School of Medicine
Mahidol University
Ministry of Public Health
Korea University, College of Medicine
Keywords: Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2009
Citation: Experimental Parasitology. Vol.121, No.2 (2009), 151-156
Abstract: Taenia asiatica and T. saginata are frequently confused tapeworms due to their morphological similarities and sympatric distribution in Asian regions. To resolve this problem, a high-resolution multiplex PCR assay was developed to distinguish T. asiatica infections from infection with other human Taenia tapeworms. For molecular characterization, the species specificity of all materials used was confirmed by sequencing of the cox1 gene. Fifty-two samples were analyzed in this study, comprising 20 samples of T. asiatica genomic DNA from China, Korea, and the Philippines; 24 samples of T. saginata from Belgium, Chile, China, Ethiopia, France, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand, and Switzerland; and 10 samples of T. solium from Cape Verde, China, Honduras, and Korea. The diagnostic quality of the results obtained using PCR and species-specific primers designed from valine tRNA and NADH genes was equal to that based on the nucleotide sequencing of the cox1 gene. Using oligonucleotide primers Ta4978F, Ts5058F, Tso7421F, and Rev7915, the multiplex PCR assay was useful for the differentially diagnosing T. asiatica, T. saginata, and T. solium based on 706-, 629-, and 474-bp bands. © 2008.
ISSN: 10902449
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