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Title: Novel virus discovery in field-collected mosquito larvae using an improved system for rapid determination of viral RNA sequences (RDV ver4.0)
Authors: Takuya Yamao
Yuki Eshita
Yuki Kihara
Tomomitsu Satho
Makoto Kuroda
Tsuyoshi Sekizuka
Miho Nishimura
Kouji Sakai
Shumpei Watanabe
Hiroomi Akashi
Yupha Rongsriyam
Narumon Komalamisra
Raweewan Srisawat
Takeshi Miyata
Akira Sakata
Masato Hosokawa
Manabu Nakashima
Nobuhiro Kashige
Fumio Miake
Shuetsu Fukushi
Mina Nakauchi
Masayuki Saijo
Ichiro Kurane
Shigeru Morikawa
Tetsuya Mizutani
Fukuoka University
Oita University
National Institute of Infectious Diseases
Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences The University of Tokyo
Mahidol University
Keywords: Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2009
Citation: Archives of Virology. Vol.154, No.1 (2009), 153-158
Abstract: In this study, we improved a method for rapid determination of viral RNA sequences (RDV) to overcome the limitations of previous versions. The RDV ver4.0 method can detect RNA sequences with at least 1,000 copies as starting material. A novel virus, which was isolated from field-collected Aedes aegypti larvae in the Phasi Charoen district of Thailand using C6/36 cells, was identified using the RDV ver4.0 protocol. The virus was named Phasi Charoen virus (PhaV). We used a high-throughput pyrosequencing approach to obtain more information about the genome sequence of PhaV. Analysis of a phylogenic tree based on amino acid sequences strongly suggested that PhaV belongs to the family Bunyaviridae. © 2008 Springer-Verlag.
ISSN: 03048608
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