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Title: Cloning and characterization of a new polyol transporter (HbPLT2) in Hevea brasiliensis
Authors: Anaïs Dusotoit-Coucaud
Benoit Porcheron
Nicole Brunel
Panida Kongsawadworakul
Jrme Franchel
Unshira Viboonjun
Hervé Chrestin
Rémi Lemoine
Soulaïman Sakr
Universite Blaise Pascal
Physique et physiologie Int�gratives de l'Arbre en environnement Fluctuant (PIAF)
Universite de Poitiers
Mahidol University
Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences;Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2010
Citation: Plant and Cell Physiology. Vol.51, No.11 (2010), 1878-1888
Abstract: Quebrachitol is a cyclic polyol and, along with sucrose, is one of the main sugars in Hevea latex. However, in contrast to sucrose, the mechanism and regulation of quebrachitol absorption is still unknown. Screening a latex-derived cDNA library using polyol transporter-specific probes, two full-length cDNAs were isolated, and named HbPLT1 and HbPLT2 (for Hevea brasiliensis polyol transporter 1 and 2, respectively). Their respective sequences exhibited close similarity with the previously cloned acyclic sugar polyol transporters, and shared the main features of the major facilitative superfamily. The functional activity of one of the cDNAs was determined by using an HbPLT2-complemented yeast strain. These strains displayed a marginal absorption of cyclic (inositol) and acyclic (mannitol and sorbitol) polyol but no absorption of sucrose, hexose and glycerol. Active absorption for xylitol was detected, and was competitively inhibited by quebrachitol. HbPLT1 and HbPLT2 expression patterns varied in response to different stimuli. Bark treatment with ethylene resulted in an early and significant up-regulation of HbPLT2 transcripts in laticifers as well as in inner bark cells, when compared with HbPLT1. Other treatments, especially mechanical wounding, strongly induced HbPLT2 transcripts. These data were consistent with the presence of ethylene and a wound-responsive regulatory cis-element on the sequence of the HbPLT2 promoter. All these findings together with those recently obtained for sucrose transporters and aquaporins are discussed in relation to the different roles for quebrachitol in Hevea brasiliensis. © 2010 The Author.
ISSN: 14719053
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