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Title: Gender differences in educational attainments and occupational status in Thailand: a study based on Kanchanaburi DSS data
Authors: P.K. Viswanathan
Varachai Thongthai
วรชัย ทองไทย
Boonlert Leoprapai
Mahidol University. Institute for Population and Social Research
Keywords: Thai society;Status;Gender difference;Open Access article;Journal of Population and Social Studies;วารสารประชากรและสังคม
Issue Date: Jan-2009
Citation: Journal of Population and Social Studies. Vol.17, No.2 (2009), 83-122.
Abstract: Based on the Kanchanaburi Demographic Surveillance System (KDSS) data, this paper examines gender differences in educational attainments and gender segregated occupational pattern among the KDSS households for five year period 2000 to 2004. It emerges that though at the aggregate level gender differences in educational attainments are of marginal significance especially at the secondary and tertiary levels of education, significant variations exist across villages. Interestingly, even with low educational status, women seem to be assuming dynamic occupational roles having significant impact on the national wealth. However, as evident from logistic regression analysis, the likelihood of higher proportions of women achieving gainful occupations is largely constrained by their low educational status. Evidently, women are also deprived in terms of low wages and earnings in the pretext of low educational status and work related skills. Given this, it is important to determine whether occupational gender dynamism is adequately rewarded in terms of better wages and earnings, employment security, socio-economic status and social protection among women across occupations and strata of villages. As women lag behind in terms of formal education and gainful employment opportunities, the paper also highlights the need for launching various employment and support programmes aimed at women.
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