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Title: Crystal structure of panduratin A: (l′RS, 2′SR, 6′RS)-(2, 6-Dihydroxy-4-methoxyphenyl)- [3′-methyl-2′-(3″-methylbut-2″-enyl)- 6′-phenylcyclohex-3′-enyl]methanone
Authors: Orasa Pancharoen
Vichai Reutrakul
Brian W. Skelton
Walter C. Taylor
Pittaya Tuntiwachwuttikul
Allan H. White
Thailand Ministry of Public Health
Mahidol University
University of Western Australia
The University of Sydney
Keywords: Chemistry
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1984
Citation: Australian Journal of Chemistry. Vol.37, No.12 (1984), 2589-2592
Abstract: Single-crystal X-ray structure determination of the title compound, C26H30O4, confirms the stoichiometry, connectivity and stereochemistry recently assigned spectroscopically. Crystals are monoclinic, P21/n, a 10.140(5), b 24.85(1), c 9.415(4) Å, β 90.69(4)°, Z 4; the structure was refined to a residual of 0.055 for 1701 ‘observed’ independent reflections. © 1984 ASEG.
ISSN: 14450038
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