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Title: Effect of effective-mass differences on high-injection currents in normal-metal-superconductor point contacts
Authors: I. M. Tang
R. Hoonsawat
S. Yooyuanyong
Mahidol University
Keywords: Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 2-Dec-1985
Citation: Physics Letters A. Vol.113, No.2 (1985), 93-96
Abstract: The connection rules appropriate to interfaces between metals having different effective masses are used to obtain the transmission coefficient for the high-injection current flow in the superconducting point contact model proposed recently by Hahn. It is found that the transmission coefficient obtained here is very similar to that obtained by Hahn except that the dependence of the coefficient on the properties of the two metals and of the oxide layer is clearly shown. © 1985.
ISSN: 03759601
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