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Title: Ultrasonic attenuation coefficient for superconductors containing local spin fluctuations
Authors: I. M. Tang
Mahidol University
Keywords: Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 1-Jul-1985
Citation: Journal of Low Temperature Physics. Vol.60, No.1-2 (1985), 9-18
Abstract: The attenuation coefficients are obtained for longitudinal waves in the limit ql≫1 for superconductors containing nonmagnetic Anderson impurities that give rise to local spin fluctuations (LSF). The multiplicative renormalization approach is used to treat the Coulomb repulsion between pairs of d electrons of opposite spins localized on an impurity site. Several thermodynamic properties of the LSF superconductors are obtained. The attenuation coefficient close to T cis obtained by renormalizing the propagator lines and vertices appearing in the leading diagrams in the expansion of the density-density correlation function. Comparison is made with the attenuation coefficient for a superconductor having nonmagnetic localized states formed about the transition metal impurities. © 1985 Plenum Publishing Corporation.
ISSN: 15737357
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