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Title: Actinokineospora bangkokensis sp. nov., isolated from rhizospheric soil
Authors: Bungonsiri Intra
Atsuko Matsumoto
Yuki Inahashi
Satoshi Omura
Yoko Takahashi
Watanalai Panbangred
Mahidol University
Kitasato University
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences;Immunology and Microbiology
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2013
Citation: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. Vol.63, No.PART7 (2013), 2655-2660
Abstract: A novel actinomycete, strain 44EHWT, was isolated from rhizospheric soil under an Elephant ear plant (Colocasia esculenta) in Bangkok, Thailand. Strain 44EHWTproduced long branching hyphae and abundant aerial mycelia with chains of rod-shaped spores. Whole-cell hydrolysates contained galactose, glucose, arabinose, ribose, mannose and rhamnose as diagnostic sugars. meso-Diaminopimelic acid was the diamino acid and glycine, alanine and glutamic acid were present in the cell-wall peptidoglycan with the acyl type of the peptidoglycan being acetyl. Phospholipids consisted of phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylethanolamine with hydroxy fatty acids and diphosphatidylglycerol, as well as other unknown phospholipids; however, no mycolic acids were detected. The predominant menaquinone observed was MK-9(H4) and major fatty acids were iso-C16: 0and 2-OH iso-C16: 0. The G+C content of genomic DNA was 74 mol%. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences revealed that this isolate was most similar to Actinokineospora enzanensis NBRC 16517T. However, DNA-DNA hybridization revealed a low relatedness between this isolate and A. enzanensis NBRC 16517T, indicating that this isolate represented a novel species in the genus Actinokineospora. On the basis of 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, phenotypic characteristics and DNA-DNA hybridization data, we propose that strain 44EHWTrepresents a novel species in the genus Actinokineospora, Actinokineospora bangkokensis. The type strain is 44EHWT(= BCC 53155T= NBRC 108932T). © 2013 IUMS.
ISSN: 14665026
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