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Title: Genetic counseling/consultation in South-East Asia: A report from the workshop at the 10th Asia pacific conference on human genetics
Authors: Olga Zayts
Srikant Sarangi
Meow Keong Thong
Brian Hon Yin Chung
Ivan Fao Man Lo
Anita Sik Yau Kan
Juliana Mei Har Lee
Carmencita David Padilla
Eva Maria Cutiongco-De La Paz
Sultana M.H. Faradz
Pornswan Wasant
The University of Hong Kong
Cardiff University
University of Malaya
Clinical Genetic Service
University of Malaya Medical Centre
University of the Philippines Manila
Universitas Diponegoro
Mahidol University
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2013
Citation: Journal of Genetic Counseling. Vol.22, No.6 (2013), 917-924
Abstract: This paper reports on the workshop 'Genetic Counseling/Consultations in South-East Asia' at the 10thAsia Pacific Conference on Human Genetics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in December 2012. The workshop brought together professionals and language/communication scholars from South-East Asia, and the UK. The workshop aimed at addressing culture- and context-specific genetic counseling/consultation practices in South-East Asia. As a way of contextualizing genetic counseling/consultation in South-East Asia, we first offer an overview of communication-oriented research generally, drawing attention to consultation and counseling as part of a communicative continuum with distinctive interactional features. We then provide examples of genetic counseling/consultation research in Hong Kong. As other countries in South-East Asia have not yet embarked on communication-oriented empirical research, we report on the current practices of genetic counseling/consultation in these countries in order to identify similarities and differences as well as key obstacles that could be addressed through future research. Three issues emerged as 'problematic': language, religion and culture. We suggest that communication-oriented research can provide a starting point for evidence-based reflections on how to incorporate a counseling mentality in genetic consultation. To conclude, we discuss the need for creating a platform for targeted training of genetic counselors based on communication-oriented research findings. © 2013 National Society of Genetic Counselors, Inc.
ISSN: 15733599
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