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Title: Molecular phylogeny of Orthetrum dragonflies reveals cryptic species of Orthetrum pruinosum
Authors: Hoi Sen Yong
Phaik Eem Lim
Ji Tan
Yong Foo Ng
Praphathip Eamsobhana
I. Wayan Suana
University of Malaya
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Mahidol University
Mataram University
Keywords: Multidisciplinary
Issue Date: 3-Jul-2014
Citation: Scientific Reports. Vol.4, (2014)
Abstract: Dragonflies of the genus Orthetrum are members of the suborder Anisoptera, family Libellulidae. There are species pairs whose members are not easily separated from each other by morphological characters. In the present study, the DNA nucleotide sequences of mitochondrial and nuclear genes were employed to elucidate the phylogeny and systematics of Orthetrum dragonflies. Phylogenetic analyses could not resolve the various subfamilies of the family Libellulidae unequivocally. The nuclear 28S rRNA gene is highly conserved and could not resolve congeneric species of Orthetrum. Individual mitochondrial genes (COI, COII, and 16S rRNA) and combination of these genes as well as the nuclear ITS1&2 genes clearly differentiate morphologically similar species, such as the reddish species pairs O. chrysis and O. testaceum, and the bluish-coloured species O. glaucum and O. luzonicum. This study also reveals distinct genetic lineages between O. pruinosum schneideri (occurring in Malaysia) and O. pruinosum neglectum (occurring north of Peninsular Malaysia from India to Japan), indicating these taxa are cryptic species.
ISSN: 20452322
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