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Title: The effect of Curcuma longa extracted (curcumin) on the quality of cryopreserved boar semen
Authors: Panida Chanapiwat
Kampon Kaeoket
Mahidol University
Keywords: Agricultural and Biological Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2015
Citation: Animal Science Journal. Vol.86, No.9 (2015), 863-868
Abstract: © 2015 Japanese Society of Animal Science. The aim of this study was to determine the optimal concentration of curcumin needed for cryopreservation of boar semen. Semen samples (n=9) were collected from nine Duroc boars which having proven fertility were used for routine artificial insemination. Semen samples were collected and divided into six groups (groups A-F) according to various concentrations of curcumin in freezing extender (i.e. 0, 0.125, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.0mmol/L, respectively). The semen was frozen by traditional liquid nitrogen vapor method and stored at -196°C in the liquid nitrogen tank. After storage, frozen semen samples were thawed at 50°C for 12s and evaluated for progressive motility, viability and acrosome integrity. The present results indicated that the addition of curcumin at 0.25 (group C) or 0.50mmol/L curcumin (group D) yielded the higher percentage of progressive motility (33.3 and 36.1%, respectively) (P<0.001). A significantly higher percentage of acrosome integrity was found in groups B (29.7%), C (31.1%) and D (30.2%) than in the other groups (P<0.01). However, there was no significant difference in percentage of viability among groups. In conclusion, addition to the freezing extender of curcumin during cryopreservation at a concentration of 0.25 or 0.50mmol/L is the optimal concentration of curcumin for improving the quality (i.e. increased progressive motility and acrosome integrity) of cryopreserved boar semen.
ISSN: 17400929
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