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Title: Immunolocalization of the 29 kDa Schistosoma haematobium species-specific antigen: A potential diagnostic marker for urinary schistosomiasis
Authors: Uri S. Markakpo
George E. Armah
Julius N. Fobil
Richard H. Asmah
Isaac Anim-Baidoo
Alfred K. Dodoo
Parnor Madjitey
Edward E. Essuman
Somei Kojima
Kwabena M. Bosompem
University of Ghana
Mahidol University
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 26-Apr-2015
Citation: BMC Infectious Diseases. Vol.15, No.1 (2015)
Abstract: © 2015 Markakpo et al. Background: The 29 kDa Schistosoma haematobium species-specific antigen (ShSSA) is of remarkable interest in the diagnosis of urinary schistosomiasis although it had not been fully characterized. Method: To determine the biological importance of ShSSA in S. haematobium and pathogenesis of the disease, we immunolocalized ShSSA in schistosome eggshells, miracidia and adult worm sections using indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT). Results: ShSSA was strongly immunolocalized in the schistosome eggshells, selective regions of the miracidia body and walls of internal organs such as oviduct, ovary, vitelline duct and gut of the adult worm. Conclusion: The strong immunolocalization of ShSSA in schistosome eggshells and adult worm internal organs suggests that the antigens involved in the pathogenesis of urinary schistosomiasis could have originated from the eggs and adult worms of the parasite.
ISSN: 14712334
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