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Title: Coronal Heating Topology: The Interplay of Current Sheets and Magnetic Field Lines
Authors: A. F. Rappazzo
W. H. Matthaeus
D. Ruffolo
M. Velli
S. Servidio
University of California, Los Angeles
Bartol Research Institute
Mahidol University
Università della Calabria
Keywords: Earth and Planetary Sciences
Issue Date: 20-Jul-2017
Citation: Astrophysical Journal. Vol.844, No.1 (2017)
Abstract: © 2017. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.. The magnetic topology and field line random walk (FLRW) properties of a nanoflare-heated and magnetically confined corona are investigated in the reduced magnetohydrodynamic regime. Field lines originating from current sheets form coherent structures, called current sheet connected (CSC) regions, which extend around them. CSC FLRW is strongly anisotropic, with preferential diffusion along the current sheets' in-plane length. CSC FLRW properties remain similar to those of the entire ensemble but exhibit enhanced mean square displacements and separations due to the stronger magnetic field intensities in CSC regions. The implications for particle acceleration and heat transport in the solar corona and wind, and for solar moss formation are discussed.
ISSN: 15384357
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