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dc.contributor.authorSiwanon Jirawatnotaien_US
dc.contributor.authorGunya Sittithumchareeen_US
dc.contributor.otherMahidol Universityen_US
dc.identifier.citationDNA Repair. Vol.42, (2016), 56-62en_US
dc.description.abstract© 2016 Elsevier B.V. Maintenance of DNA integrity is vital for all of the living organisms. Consequence of DNA damaging ranges from, introducing harmless synonymous mutations, to causing disease-associated mutations, genome instability, and cell death. A cell cycle protein cyclin D1 is an established cancer-driving protein. However, contribution of cyclin D1 to cancer formation and cancer survival is not entirely known. In cancer tissues, overexpression of cyclin D1 is associated with both cancer genome instability, and resistance to DNA-damaging cancer drugs. Emerging evidence indicated that cyclin D1 may play novel direct roles in regulating DNA repair. Here we provide an insight how cyclin D1 expression may contribute to DNA repair and chromosome instability, and how these functions may facilitate cancer formation, and drug resistance.en_US
dc.rightsMahidol Universityen_US
dc.subjectBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biologyen_US
dc.titleParadoxical roles of cyclin D1 in DNA stabilityen_US
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