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Title: Enforced acceleration control for DC actuated rescue robot
Authors: M. Branesh Pillai
Sakol Nakdhamabhorn
Korn Borvorntanajanya
Jackrit Suthakorn
Mahidol University
Keywords: Engineering
Issue Date: 2-Nov-2016
Citation: Proceedings - 2016 22nd International Conference on Electrical Machines, ICEM 2016. (2016), 2640-2648
Abstract: © 2016 IEEE. Rescue robot robust motion control is a complex and challenging task. In general DC motor actuated rescue robot motion is defined in terms of position/velocity and forces/torque. In the rescue operation, searching for victims is an important procedure at the start of activities in support. Therefore, rescue robots must have the capability for higher mobile environment as dangerous as the ground is uneven or wet mud. In rescue robot motion control system, the task of a controller is to enforce the preferred acceleration by inserting supplementary force/torque onto the system input, thus the fusion of the preferred system acceleration is one of the essential issues in design. In this paper a novel enforced acceleration control (EAC) method is proposed to make the rescue robot acceleration response equal to the desired acceleration. During the rescue operations, the locomotion of the rescue robot's acceleration varies frequently due to the nonuniform /terrain surface. Disturbance Observer (DOB) is used to estimate and compensate the disturbance torque. To achieve the robust acceleration control for the rescue robot during the unstable acceleration period, the DOB should be tuned with the real time system parameters. Modified advanced disturbance observer (ADOB) estimate and compensate the change of system parameters. The validity and the applicability of the proposed method were proven by conducting experiments on BART LAB rescue robot in the experimental arena.
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