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Title: Effect of Fluorine Circumference of Zinc-hexadecafluorophthalocyanine towards VOCs determination by Using Low-Cost Optical Electronic Nose
Authors: Treenet Thepudom
Teerakiat Kerdcharoen
Mahidol University
Keywords: Engineering;Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 20-Aug-2018
Citation: 2018 IEEE 8th International Nanoelectronics Conferences, INEC 2018. (2018), 51-52
Abstract: © 2018 IEEE. Organic thin film gas sensor based on Zinc hexadecafluorophthalocyanine (ZnPcF16) have been fabricated by spin-coating method. The thin film was then used to study the absorption spectra and morphology using UV-VIS spectrometer. Then the fabricated film has been used as a chemical sensing material for the detection of VOCs (ammonia, acetone, ethanol and methanol) by using a low-cost optical measurement. For getting more insight, Quantum mechanical calculation based on DFT was employed to investigate the interactions between VOCs and sensing molecules.
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