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Title: Use of health technology assessment in informing clinical development and market access decisions of new medicines
Authors: Usa Chaikledkaew
อุษา ฉายเกล็ดแก้ว
Mahidol University. Faculty of Pharmacy. Department of Pharmacy
Keywords: Health technology assessment;HTA;Thailand;National list of essential medicines
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: In Thailand, currently the availability of high-cost health interventions, including pharmaceuticals and medical technologies has been continuously increasing. This has frequently led to an increase in public and patient expectations as well as a limited healthcare resource. Therefore, there is a need for evidence-based approach to assist policy makers to make decision on resource allocation under healthcare budget constraint. Health technology assessment (HTA) has been increasingly recognized as one of the most useful tools that can help inform health technology- or health intervention-related policymaking at individual, institutional, national, and international levels. The objective of this presentation is to provide the overview and example of the application of HTA in informing clinical development and market access decisions of new medicines in Thailand. Since 2008, HTA has been increasingly used for making decision whether drugs should be included in the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM). The NLEM is developed in order to include the medicines that are necessary for the health needs of the Thai population. The NLEM is designed to be an “optimum list” and it is intended to be a mechanism that supports and promotes rational use of medicines for all stakeholders, and it is also being a reference for pharmaceutical benefit scheme for all major health insurance schemes. HTA information has been also considered by the Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Committees in hospitals in order to make decision whether new medicines should be included in hospital formulary list. In addition, it has been recently applied for price negotiation, development of clinical practice guidelines, and communication with health professionals.
Description: The 1st Pharmaceutical Sciences Asia Conference 2019 Theme : Pharmaceutical Sciences toward Health Innovation in the Disruptive Era. Bangkok Midtown Hotel, Thailand. August 22, 2019, page 16-17
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