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Title: Precision-cut liver slices: A tool for studying multicellular diseases
Authors: Theerut Luangmonkong
ธีรัตถ์ เหลืองมั่นคง
Mahidol University. Faculty of Pharmacy. Department of Pharmacology
Keywords: Precision-cut liver slices;Multicellular disease;Ex vivo
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: In general, an ideal experimental disease model could represent the true pathophysiological processes in humans, and should be reproducible, reliable, cost effective and easy to handle. Concerning liver diseases, the multicellular nature is an essential factor for developing a model for studying liver diseases such as fibrosis and cancer. Although various in vitro models have been proposed and currently applied for the liver researches, they are unable to completely preserve cell-cell interactions of the intact liver. Precision-cut liver slices is an ex vivo model applicable for studying multicellular diseases with a variety of physiological/pathophysiological processes and may become a powerful tool for the liver researches.
Description: The 1st Pharmaceutical Sciences Asia Conference 2019 Theme : Pharmaceutical Sciences toward Health Innovation in the Disruptive Era. Bangkok Midtown Hotel, Thailand. August 22, 2019, page 18-19
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