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Title: Supramolecular Spheres Self-Assembled from Conical Dendrons Are Chiral
Authors: Daniela A. Wilson
Katerina A. Andreopoulou
Mihai Peterca
Pawaret Leowanawat
Dipankar Sahoo
Benjamin E. Partridge
Qi Xiao
Ning Huang
Paul A. Heiney
Virgil Percec
Panepistimion Patron
Stony Brook University
Radboud University Nijmegen
Mahidol University
University of Pennsylvania
Keywords: Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology;Chemical Engineering;Chemistry
Issue Date: 17-Apr-2019
Citation: Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol.141, No.15 (2019), 6162-6166
Abstract: © 2019 American Chemical Society. Frank-Kasper phases and liquid quasicrystals self-organize from supramolecular spheres of dendrimers, block copolymers, surfactants and other self-assembling molecules. These spheres are expected to be achiral due to their isotropic shape. Nevertheless, supramolecular spheres from short helical stacks of crown-like dendrimers self-organize a Pm3n cubic (Frank-Kasper A15) phase which exhibits chirality on the macroscopic scale. However, the chirality of classic isotropic supramolecular micellar-like spheres, generated from conical dendrons, is unknown. Here we report a library of second and third generation biphenylpropyl dendrons with chiral groups at their apex that produces single-handed chiral supramolecular spheres. Up to 480 conical dendrons self-assemble to form micellar-like spheres, with a molar mass of up to 1.1 × 106 g/mol, that self-organize into a Pm3n phase with chirality detectable on the macroscopic scale. This demonstration of chirality in micellar-like spheres of a Frank-Kasper phase raises the fundamental question whether micellar-like spheres forming 3D phases generated from other soft matter such as block copolymers, surfactants, and other molecules are chiral.
ISSN: 15205126
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