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Title: Auto-methanation performance of structured Ni-type catalyst for CO<inf>2</inf> transformation
Authors: Choji Fukuhara
Sakhon Ratchahat
Asuka Kamiyama
Masao Sudoh
Ryo Watanabe
National University Corporation Shizuoka University
Mahidol University
Amano Institute of Technology
Keywords: Chemistry
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Citation: Chemistry Letters. Vol.48, No.5 (2019), 441-444
Abstract: © 2019 The Chemical Society of Japan. The methanation performance of a Ni/CeO2 structured catalyst having a spiral shape was investigated using a feed material gas containing 1-11 vol % oxygen. The spiral catalyst exhibited high methane yield for a high oxygen concentration (9-11 vol %) and fast feed flow rate even under an auto-methanation condition, which does not require external heating. Such high methane yield was continuously maintained for 60 hours or longer. Under the auto-methanation over the structured catalyst, the reaction field generated high thermal energy, which did not exceed the Tammann temperature of the nickel component, due to selective hydrogen combustion.
ISSN: 13480715
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