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Title: Correlational study of the center of pressure measures of postural steadiness on five different standing tasks in overweight adults
Authors: Thunyanoot Prasertsakul
Panya Kaimuk
Wipawee Chinjenpradit
Warakorn Charoensuk
Bumrungrad International Hospital
Mahidol University
Keywords: Engineering
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2019
Citation: Biomedizinische Technik. (2019)
Abstract: ©2019 Walter de Gruyter GmbH, Berlin/Boston 2019. This study applied the posturography framework on five static standing tasks from the Berg Balance Scale (BBS). Thirteen participants were recruited and the trajectory data of the center of pressure (CoP) were collected. To analyze the postural performance, two approaches were taken: the scores from the BBS and statistical analysis. For the statistical analysis, Spearman's method was applied to determine the correlation of CoP parameters. The results revealed the correlations between CoP parameters in the anterior-posterior (AP) and medial-lateral (ML) directions, and on the statokinesgram (SK) plane for all tasks. To obtain the in-depth detail between normal weight and overweight groups, the differences in the postural control mechanism were defined by correlations of CoP parameters. The Mann-Whitney U test was conducted to define the difference in postural control in terms of difference in weight gain and standing task factors, while Cohen's d was used to investigate the influence of the difference in standing tasks and weight gain on postural control. The results showed that the correlations of CoP parameters could distinguish the balance impairment in the overweight condition from the normal postural control. Otherwise, the scores of BBS, the Mann-Whitney U test and Cohen's d did not separate this slightly compensatory movement during equilibrium. Therefore, the correlations of CoP parameters could provide more information to analyze the balance function in each individual, especially in terms of slight compensation.
ISSN: 00135585
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