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Title: Genomic Analysis of Plasmodium vivax in Southern Ethiopia Reveals Selective Pressures in Multiple Parasite Mechanisms
Authors: Sarah Auburn
Sisay Getachew
Richard D. Pearson
Roberto Amato
Olivo Miotto
Hidayat Trimarsanto
Sha Joe Zhu
Angela Rumaseb
Jutta Marfurt
Rintis Noviyanti
Matthew J. Grigg
Bridget Barber
Timothy William
Sonia Morgado Goncalves
Eleanor Drury
Kanlaya Sriprawat
Nicholas M. Anstey
Francois Nosten
Beyene Petros
Abraham Aseffa
Gil McVean
Dominic P. Kwiatkowski
Ric N. Price
Armauer Hansen Research Institute
Addis Ababa University
Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi
Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology
Menzies School of Health Research
Mahidol University
Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
Wellcome Sanger Institute
Infectious Diseases Society
Jesselton Medical Centre
Li Ka Shing Centre for Health Information and Discovery
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Keywords: Medicine
Issue Date: 22-Oct-2019
Citation: Journal of Infectious Diseases. Vol.220, No.11 (2019), 1738-1749
Abstract: © 2019 The Author(s) 2019. Published by Oxford University Press for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. The Horn of Africa harbors the largest reservoir of Plasmodium vivax in the continent. Most of sub-Saharan Africa has remained relatively vivax-free due to a high prevalence of the human Duffy-negative trait, but the emergence of strains able to invade Duffy-negative reticulocytes poses a major public health threat. We undertook the first population genomic investigation of P. vivax from the region, comparing the genomes of 24 Ethiopian isolates against data from Southeast Asia to identify important local adaptions. The prevalence of the Duffy binding protein amplification in Ethiopia was 79%, potentially reflecting adaptation to Duffy negativity. There was also evidence of selection in a region upstream of the chloroquine resistance transporter, a putative chloroquine-resistance determinant. Strong signals of selection were observed in genes involved in immune evasion and regulation of gene expression, highlighting the need for a multifaceted intervention approach to combat P. vivax in the region.
ISSN: 15376613
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