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Title: Exploring Lorentz Invariance Violation from Ultrahigh-Energy γ Rays Observed by LHAASO
Authors: Zhen Cao
F. Aharonian
Q. An
L. X. Bai
Y. X. Bai
Y. W. Bao
D. Bastieri
X. J. Bi
Y. J. Bi
H. Cai
J. T. Cai
Zhe Cao
J. Chang
J. F. Chang
B. M. Chen
E. S. Chen
J. Chen
Liang Chen
Long Chen
M. J. Chen
M. L. Chen
Q. H. Chen
S. H. Chen
S. Z. Chen
T. L. Chen
X. L. Chen
Y. Chen
N. Cheng
Y. D. Cheng
S. W. Cui
X. H. Cui
Y. D. Cui
B. D.Ettorre Piazzoli
B. Z. Dai
H. L. Dai
Z. G. Dai
D. Della Volpe
X. J. Dong
K. K. Duan
J. H. Fan
Y. Z. Fan
Z. X. Fan
J. Fang
K. Fang
C. F. Feng
L. Feng
S. H. Feng
Y. L. Feng
B. Gao
C. D. Gao
L. Q. Gao
Q. Gao
W. Gao
M. M. Ge
L. S. Geng
G. H. Gong
Q. B. Gou
M. H. Gu
F. L. Guo
J. G. Guo
X. L. Guo
Y. Q. Guo
Y. Y. Guo
Y. A. Han
H. H. He
H. N. He
J. C. He
S. L. He
X. B. He
Y. He
M. Heller
Y. K. Hor
C. Hou
X. Hou
H. B. Hu
S. Hu
S. C. Hu
X. J. Hu
D. H. Huang
Q. L. Huang
W. H. Huang
X. T. Huang
X. Y. Huang
Z. C. Huang
F. Ji
X. L. Ji
H. Y. Jia
K. Jiang
Z. J. Jiang
C. Jin
T. Ke
D. Kuleshov
K. Levochkin
B. B. Li
Cheng Li
Cong Li
F. Li
H. B. Li
State Key Laboratory of Particle Detection & Electronics
Nanjing University
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Shandong University
Wuhan University
Yunnan University
Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Science
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guangzhou University
Tsinghua University
Sun Yat-Sen University
University of Science and Technology of China
Zhengzhou University
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Sichuan University
National Astronomical Observatories Chinese Academy of Sciences
Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik
Southwest Jiaotong University
Purple Mountain Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences
Université de Genève
Hebei Normal University
Tibet University
TIANFU Cosmic Ray Research Center
Keywords: Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 4-Feb-2022
Citation: Physical Review Letters. Vol.128, No.5 (2022)
Abstract: Recently, the LHAASO Collaboration published the detection of 12 ultrahigh-energy γ-ray sources above 100 TeV, with the highest energy photon reaching 1.4 PeV. The first detection of PeV γ rays from astrophysical sources may provide a very sensitive probe of the effect of the Lorentz invariance violation (LIV), which results in decay of high-energy γ rays in the superluminal scenario and hence a sharp cutoff of the energy spectrum. Two highest energy sources are studied in this work. No signature of the existence of the LIV is found in their energy spectra, and the lower limits on the LIV energy scale are derived. Our results show that the first-order LIV energy scale should be higher than about 105 times the Planck scale MPl and that the second-order LIV scale is >10-3MPl. Both limits improve by at least one order of magnitude the previous results.
ISSN: 10797114
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