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Title: Discovery of the Ultrahigh-energy Gamma-Ray Source LHAASO J2108+5157
Authors: Zhen Cao
F. Aharonian
Q. An
L. X. Bai
Y. X. Bai
Y. W. Bao
D. Bastieri
X. J. Bi
Y. J. Bi
H. Cai
J. T. Cai
Zhe Cao
J. Chang
J. F. Chang
B. M. Chen
E. S. Chen
J. Chen
Liang Chen
Long Chen
M. J. Chen
M. L. Chen
Q. H. Chen
S. H. Chen
S. Z. Chen
T. L. Chen
X. L. Chen
Y. Chen
N. Cheng
Y. D. Cheng
S. W. Cui
X. H. Cui
Y. D. Cui
B. D'Ettorre Piazzoli
B. Z. Dai
H. L. Dai
Z. G. Dai
Dan Zeng Dan-Zeng-Luo-Bu
D. Della Volpe
X. J. Dong
K. K. Duan
J. H. Fan
Y. Z. Fan
Z. X. Fan
J. Fang
K. Fang
C. F. Feng
L. Feng
S. H. Feng
Y. L. Feng
B. Gao
C. D. Gao
L. Q. Gao
Q. Gao
W. Gao
M. M. Ge
L. S. Geng
G. H. Gong
Q. B. Gou
M. H. Gu
F. L. Guo
J. G. Guo
X. L. Guo
Y. Q. Guo
Y. Y. Guo
Y. A. Han
H. H. He
H. N. He
J. C. He
S. L. He
X. B. He
Y. He
M. Heller
Y. K. Hor
C. Hou
H. B. Hu
S. Hu
S. C. Hu
X. J. Hu
D. H. Huang
Q. L. Huang
W. H. Huang
X. T. Huang
X. Y. Huang
Z. C. Huang
F. Ji
X. L. Ji
H. Y. Jia
K. Jiang
Z. J. Jiang
C. Jin
T. Ke
D. Kuleshov
K. Levochkin
B. B. Li
Cheng Li
Cong Li
F. Li
H. B. Li
H. C. Li
State Key Laboratory of Particle Detection & Electronics
Nanjing University
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Shandong University
Wuhan University
Yunnan University
Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Science
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Guangzhou University
Tsinghua University
Sun Yat-Sen University
University of Science and Technology of China
Zhengzhou University
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Sichuan University
National Astronomical Observatories Chinese Academy of Sciences
Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik
Southwest Jiaotong University
Purple Mountain Observatory Chinese Academy of Sciences
Université de Genève
Hebei Normal University
Tibet University
TIANFU Cosmic Ray Research Center
Keywords: Earth and Planetary Sciences;Physics and Astronomy
Issue Date: 1-Oct-2021
Citation: Astrophysical Journal Letters. Vol.919, No.2 (2021)
Abstract: We report the discovery of an ultrahigh-energy (UHE) gamma-ray source, LHAASO J2108+5157, by analyzing the LHAASO-KM2A data of 308.33 live days. A significant excess of gamma ray-induced showers is observed in both energy bands of 25-100 and >100 TeV with 9.5σ and 8.5σ, respectively. This source is not significantly favored as an extended source with an angular extension smaller than the point-spread function of KM2A. The measured energy spectrum from 20 to 200 TeV can be approximately described by a power-law function with an index of-2.83 ± 0.18stat. A harder spectrum is demanded at lower energies considering the flux upper limit set by Fermi-LAT observations. The position of the gamma-ray emission is correlated with a giant molecular cloud, which favors a hadronic origin. No obvious counterparts have been found, and deeper multiwavelength observations will help to cast new light on this intriguing UHE source.
ISSN: 20418213
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