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Title: A functional polymorphism in the IL1B gene promoter, IL1B -31C>T, is not associated with cerebral malaria in Thailand.
Authors: Ohashi, Jun
Naka, Izumi
Doi, Akihiro
Jintana Patarapotikul
จินตนา ภัทรโพธิกุล
Hathairad Hananantachai
Noppadon Tangpukdee
นพดล ตั้งภักดี
Sornchai Looareesuwan
ศรชัย หลูอารีย์สุวรรณ
Tokunaga, Katsushi
Mahidol University. Faculty of Tropical Medicine
Keywords: Alleles;Genetic predisposition to disease;Interleukin 1 receptor antagonist protein;Interleukin-1;Interleukin-1beta;Malaria, Cerebral;Mutation;Polymorphism, genetic;Promoter regions, genetic;Sialoglycoproteins;Open Access article
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2005
Citation: Ohashi J, Naka I, Doi A, Patarapotikul J, Hananantachai H, Tangpukdee N, et al. A functional polymorphism in the IL1B gene promoter, IL1B -31C>T, is not associated with cerebral malaria in Thailand. Malar J. 2005 Aug 14;4:38.
Abstract: IL-1beta and IL-1RA levels are higher in the serum of cerebral malaria patients than in patients with mild malaria. Recently, the level of IL1B expression was reported to be influenced by a polymorphism in the promoter of IL1, IL1B -31C>T. METHODS: To examine whether polymorphisms in IL1B and IL1RA influence the susceptibility to cerebral malaria, IL1B -31C>T, IL1B 3953C>T, and IL1RA variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR) were analysed in 312 Thai patients with malaria (109 cerebral malaria and 203 mild malaria patients). RESULTS: In this population, IL1B -31C>T and IL1RA VNTR were detected, while IL1B 3953C>T (i.e., IL1B 3953T) was not observed in the polymorphism screening for 32 patients. Further analyses for IL1B -31C>T and IL1RA VNTR in 110 cerebral malaria and 206 mild malaria patients showed no significant association of these polymorphisms with cerebral malaria. CONCLUSION: The present results suggest that IL1B -31C>T and IL1RA VNTR polymorphisms do not play a crucial role in susceptibility or resistance to cerebral malaria.
ISSN: 1475-2875 (electronic)
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