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Title: The acquisition of the voicing contrast in Thai: A study of voice onset time in word-initial stop consonants
Authors: Jack Gandour
Soranee Holasuit Petty
Rochana Dardarananda
Sumalee Dechongkit
Sunee Mukngoen
Purdue University
Mahidol University
Keywords: Arts and Humanities;Psychology;Social Sciences
Issue Date: 1-Jan-1986
Citation: Journal of Child Language. Vol.13, No.3 (1986), 561-572
Abstract: This paper reports on a cross-sectional acoustical investigation of the development of the voicing contrast in Thai word-initial stops. Voice onset time (VOT) productions associated with three bilabial stops (/b p p h /), three alveolar stops (/d t t h /), and two velar stops (/k k h /) were measured in seven 3-year-old children, seven 5-year-old children, seven 7-year-old children, and seven adults. Within each age group, differences in mean VOT between homorganic stop consonants indicated that 3-year-olds have acquired all voicing contrasts except /b/ vs. /p/ and /d/ vs. /t/. By age five, children have acquired all voicing contrasts. However, as measured by differences in mean VOT across age groups, 5-year-olds still do not produce /b/ or/d/ in an adult-like manner. Issues concerning the order of acquisition and nature of development of stop consonants are discussed. © 1986, Cambridge University Press. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 14697602
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