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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1994Low- and high-frequency oscillations in a food chain where one of the competing species feeds on the otherY. Lenbury; C. Likasiri; Mahidol University
1-Jan-1994Dynamic behavior classification of a model for a continuous bio-reactor subject to product inhibitionY. Lenbury; B. Novaprateep; B. Wiwatpataphee; Mahidol University
1-Mar-1986Bibliometric indicators of scientific activity in ThailandYongyuth Yuthavong; Mahidol University
1-Aug-2011Comparative clinical study of bactigras and telfa AMD for skin graft donor-site dressingPornprom Muangman; Sooksan Nitimonton; Pornanong Aramwit; Mahidol University; Chulalongkorn University
1-Jul-2011Stochastic cellular automata model and Monte Carlo simulations of CD4 + T cell dynamics with a proposed alternative leukapheresis treatment for HIV/AIDSMonamorn Precharattana; Arthorn Nokkeaw; Wannapong Triampo; Darapond Triampo; Yongwimon Lenbury; Mahidol University; PERDO
6-Oct-2011Comparison of CpG island distribution in human neuron- and myocyte-specific genes with housekeeping genes using bioinformatics and artificial neural networksPermphan Dharmasaroja; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2012Discovery of happiness and employee engagement relationship using KDD methodSongpol Ongwattanakul; Chalermpol Chamchan; Nopraenue S. Dhirathiti; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2012Modeling broken characters recognition as a set-partitioning problemChaivatna Sumetphong; Supachai Tangwongsan; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2012Using linkage information to improve the detection of relevant comment in social mediaRatchainant Thammasudjarit; Charnyote Pleumpitiwiriyawej; Mahidol University
1-Dec-2012Minimal-assisted SSVEP-based brain-computer interface deviceYunyong Punsawad; Yodchanan Wongsawat; Mahidol University